Linda Boutilier, LICSW has been a psychotherapist working with clients of all ages for over 30 years.  Linda believes that not only is it possible for everyone to heal, but that healing is our soul’s sacred purpose.  Once we let go of old wounds, we are available to live more fully and to share each of our divine sparks with the world.


Linda discovered energy work more than 15 years ago while studying Reiki, Specialized Kinesiology, Energy Medicine, and Energy Psychology.  Today, she works with several different modes of Energy Psychology, including EFT, EMDR, and the Tapas Acupressure Technique.  These methods combine the wisdom of Chinese Medicine with biofield therapies, to allow for holistic healing that traditional psychotherapies are not able to provide.  She is offering classes in Energy Medicine, Tapping on Meridian Points, Conscious Parenting and Creating Awakened Families.  These classes promote body/mind/spirit growth and allow participants to facilitate their own healing.

Jacquelyn Smith is a Coach and Certified Reiki Master and Teacher who will work with you to provide thoughtful and individualized Reiki treatments and Coaching Sessions. Jacquelyn is passionate about the power of holistic healing and believes that one of the most effective ways to promote well being is to address the mind, body and spirit.

Jacquelyn is a graduate of Rhode Island college with a Bachelors Degree in the Science of Nursing. As a Registered Nurse in Rhode Island, she has had exposure to Western Medicine and has chosen to pursue her passion for Complementary Alternative Therapies. She has gained her Certification as a Reiki Master and Teacher and she has been trained in Coaching through Wisdom of the Whole Academy. She offers Reiki treatments, Distance Healing and Coaching for Empowerment and Stress Reduction.  Additionally, Coaching services are offered by phone and via skype. She can be reached at 401-651-7252 or with any questions and to schedule your session today.

Sarah Fague is a Licensed Massage Therapist and graduate of Lincoln Technical Institute.  Since 2004 she has served as Office Manager for a full-service neurosurgery practice.  She has worked hands-on and has broad, extensive knowledge of patients with arthritis, traumatic spine injuries, post-surgical care, chronic pain conditions, soft tissue injuries, stress disorders and nerve compression conditions (Carpel and Cubital Tunnel Syndrome).

Sarah uses a unique style of massage integrating several techniques into one session.  Within this style of treatment, she incorporates Swedish, deep tissue, Trigger Point therapy, Shiatsu, cupping for stubborn “knots”, hot stones for relaxation and grounding effects as well as aromatherapy and Reiki to guide your body towards peace and balance.  Her experience includes extensive work with clients from all backgrounds including children, athletes, expectant mothers and the elderly.


Amanda Kugler began her career as a speech-language pathologist working with children with special needs.  After a series of challenging personal life events, she was led to Reiki.  After just one session of Reiki, she felt drawn to begin her trainings and continued until reaching Master level.  She has now been a certified Reiki Master (Usui Reiki) since 2017.  


According to Amanda, "Reiki was there to help guide me through the most difficult points in my life and push me towards fulfilling my purpose on this earth.  I believe that we all need to value not only giving to and loving others, but most importantly, caring for and loving ourselves.  We must care for our mind, body and spirit so that we can live our best lives and be there for those we love. I would love to help provide you with the opportunity to achieve the relaxation, refocusing, and rebalancing that you deserve!" 


Contact Information: 

Phone: (401) 617-9329