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Class Descriptions for Empowerment, Healing and Peace


The courses listed below are all designed to assist anyone to improve their quality of life, live the life they desire and experience more fulfillment.  We are all capable of achieving our goals and sometimes a small amount of education, support and encouragement are all that is needed to get us there.  Please contact me with any questions and I always love feedback about classes you may be looking for that you do not see listed here or on the class schedule.  


Group Meditation Gatherings


This is a time each week you can dedicate to your meditation practice.  No prior experience is required.  During this class we will check in and connect with one another, participate in a gentle guided meditation and enjoy the immense power of group meditation.  Coming together with others of like-mind has an intensified effect on the influence of meditation.  Not only will you bask in the relaxation and health benefits for yourself, but you will also be contributing to the greater good of all.  Cost per class is $20/person.  Please bring a cozy blanket with you.    



Learning to Meditate Workshop


Did you know that meditation could help you to reduce stress, improve your physical health and chronic pain, increase your ability to relax and live a happier, fuller life?  These are just a few examples of the many benefits meditation will contribute to your overall well-being.  Consider participating in our introductory workshop to see if meditation practice is right for you.  There is no previous experience required and would be an excellent enhancement to your routine and self-care.  Workshop will include: education on meditation, breathing instruction, a guided meditation experience and more!  Cost for the meditation workshop is $50/person.  Please bring a cozy blanket with you.  



Peace of Mind in Everyday Life


Does it feel that there is constant chaos around you and impossible to take a breath before the next wave starts?  Imagine feeling a sense of calm at all times regardless of what is going on around you.  This class will help to empower anyone who is interested in calming the emotional tides and finding stability and overall peace.  Arm yourself with the tools and resources that are already at your disposal.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from this educational experience.  Everyone will walk away with new insight and applications for everyday life.  Cost for this class is $65/person.  

The Path to Wellness

The mind is the most powerful tool we can imagine.  Most of us do not consider what we are capable of with the simple use of our thoughts.  Come and learn about the immense healing that can occur and the step-by-step process to getting there.  You will walk away with tangible results and action steps for living a healthier life both physically and mentally.  Cost for this class is $65/person.

Happy Together

Developing Your Intuition

Do you often feel that you should have listened to that little voice inside your head?  Are you always trying to sort out what is your intuition and what is your anxiety?  This class is designed to give concrete methods of increasing your awareness of your intuition as well as ways of opening a clear channel to hearing and understanding what your intuition wants you to know.  Cost for this class is $65/person.

Improving Your Relationships

Any one of us can experience difficulty with all of the relationships in our lives.  This class will help to improve the connections we have with our friends, families and significant others.  It will help to understand ourselves and each other through a different lens allowing for more love and less fear to be dictating our interactions.  Learn to take control of your relationships in the way that best serves you and the loved ones in your life.  This class is not designed for couples to attend together.  Cost for this class is $65/person.

Giving Up Guilt

Many of us believe that guilt is a necessary part of life.  We are familiar with the heaviness and pain that goes along with it.  What would you give to lift the burden even just for a moment?  This class will assist in shifting the paradigm on how we perceive guilt and what its true motive and purpose is.  Every person will walk away with tangible steps and a new perspective on shedding what no longer belongs.  Eliminate the paralyzing effects of guilt from your life once and for all.  Cost for this class is $65/person. 

Healing Hands
Balanced Rocks

Reiki 1st Degree

Do you want to clear and open your channels and pass on this healing love and light to those you love?  You already have it but through this class it will get stronger and you will be more conscious of it and its many benefits. You will learn about this ancient energy healing, what it will do for you and your friends and loved ones, the history of Reiki and the hand positions for treating yourself and others in the Usui tradition.  You will receive a Reiki attunement that will allow you to channel this healing energy to yourself and others.  Finally you will practice what you have learned on each other giving you the opportunity to give and receive Reiki.  Cost for this class is $150/person.

Reiki 2nd Degree

You will learn advanced Reiki techniques and receive further attunements in the Usui tradition.  You will learn 3 Reiki symbols to add power to the Reiki you channel that assist with emotional balancing and enable you to send Reiki to others that aren’t physically in your presence.  You will practice your new skills on each other, giving you the opportunity to give and receive Reiki.  After completing this level you may receive financial compensation for performing Reiki on clients.  Cost for this class is $250/person.

Reiki Master Practioner (III)

In this advanced course, you will receive the Master symbol and be attuned to the Master level of Reiki in the Usui tradition to enhance your Reiki practice.  You will receive & work with a Reiki crystal grid to send continuous distant healing to yourself or those you love.  A powerful Reiki Moving Meditation will also be taught that only takes a few minutes & is extremely grounding and empowering.  Also, you will learn an easy and powerful Reiki Meditation to Manifest Goals using the Reiki symbols.  Aura cleansing is another wonderful technique that you will learn & practice to help remove blocks, pain, patterns & negativity in your client’s bodies to prevent you from absorbing it yourself.  Previous Reiki levels will be reviewed as well.  After this class you are certified as a Usui Reiki Master Practitioner.  Cost for this class is $300/person.

Reiki Master Teacher (IV)

In this class you will be attuned & learn to use the Reiki Master Teacher symbols in the Usui tradition.  This will empower you to attune & initiate your clients to all the levels of Reiki. You will also learn what to teach in each level of Reiki, how to perform a Reiki healing attunement to heal blockages in the heart chakra & other advanced Usui Reiki techniques. Cost for this class is $500/person.

Nature Stream

Reiki Practioner Share

Join us if you are a Reiki practitioner at any level.  We will share & support each other & then have the opportunity to give & receive Reiki.  This is a great time to practice your skills in a safe and welcoming environment.  Cost for this is $10/person.

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