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A Personal Note
The importance of discovering how amazing you truly are cannot be underestimated.  If you feel you are struggling through everyday life and are lost in your purpose this may be the place for you.  I provide treatment services for those who are looking to better themselves inside and out.  I incorporate several methods into my practice which aim to comprehensively address the needs of every client.  You are a complex and exceptional individual who deserves to receive all the goodness the world has to offer.


Individual Psychotherapy​

I have been a practicing mental health therapist for the past 10 years.  I have worked with people of every age and bring a great deal of experience and knowledge to the clients I serve.  I hold an Independent Clinical License in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts. 


Relationship Psychotherapy

In my experience as a therapist much of my passion and focus has been around families, couples and relationship dynamics.  We are all a part of these systems and can often become stuck in negative cycles and patterns.  Working together with those closest to you can provide faster and more effective results in the healing process.


Reiki Healing

I am a certified Reiki Master Teacher and believe that a healthy flow of energy is essential to healthy living.  We often have blockages and barriers that require clearing in order to maintain our connection to the constant moving world of energy around us.   


Reiki Pricing

$50 for a 30 minute session

$75 for a 60 minutes session


Tong Ren

I am a certified Tong Ren practitioner.  This amazing and revolutionary technique is the proof that our minds have power to heal our bodies.  It is a healing modality which can be applied to ANY medical ailment  or diagnosis. From isolated injuries to hypertension to migraines and even cancer, this tool can provide relief from physical pain or suffering.  How can we feel well in our mind when we do not feel well in our body?


Gentle Reprocessing

This proven therapeutic technique utilizes bi-lateral stimulation (the same technique used for EMDR) and visualization in order to purge and heal any unwanted negative emotions.  We carry many emotional charges with us from experiences that occur from in utero to the present day.  This procedure can help to identify and remove those unnecessary responses that are no longer serving us.  This technique is designed to do this in the safest and most protective way possible.   


Professional Development Workshops
We are excited to offer courses and workshops on a variety of topics.  Workshops can be created based on the needs of the organization or choose from the popular menu options already established.    
  • Developing skills, training and support for mental health professionals
  • Stress Management Strategies for supporting staff, managers and entire organizations
  • Best Practices for Managers Supporting Staff 
  • Everyday Life Skills for Healthy Living
  • Interpersonal Skills for Easy Workflow
Past Life Regression

Have you ever felt drawn or connected to a particular place or culture and not understood why?  Are there blocks or patterns in your life with no clear explanation?  Have you been somewhere and just known that you have been there before? 


The answers to these questions and many others can sometimes be found in accessing information from previous incarnations.  A Past Life Regression is a unique and invaluable experience that can really open new pathways to the healing process. 


Sessions are 90 minutes and resemble an interactive guided meditation.  I personally individualize and guide the process, catered to each client’s specific needs and intention.  This is done in a private, safe and comfortable environment in order to access whatever may be necessary for further growth and healing.  Cost per session is $140.


Payment Options

Fees for services are based on an hourly rate.  I do offer a sliding scale when appropriate.


For therapy services I accept: Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna.


*Classes and Workshops are priced separately.  See descriptions on Classes page for pricing info.




*Clients looking solely for Reiki are assessed separate from the standard rate for therapy sessions.

Studio Space
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