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The Background

What is it that most of us want more than anything else in our lives?  I believe inner peace can help each of us to turn our wildest dreams into reality.  It can provide us with the springboard from which to leap into the future with full hearts, endless energy and limitless confidence in ourselves.  Peace within is the foundation for living a healthy life for generations to come.  The benefits are priceless and unending.  Change old patterns, live to your highest ability and experience true joy! 

I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker who has been working in the mental health field for over 20 years.  I have experience working with adults, children and families in several capacities.  It is my passion to assist others in discovering their inner potential and learning how to bring it to fruition.  Whether it is anxiety, depression, phobias, relationship/family struggles, self-esteem issues or trauma that you may be experiencing I have many tools and resources that can help to bring relief and balance.  


Our Philosophy

In my practice I incorporate a holistic and comprehensive approach in order to bring the most benefit possible to my clients.  Every individual embodies many roles and it is essential to incorporate all of those roles into treatment for effective and long-term results.  The beauty of being YOU means finding balance between work, exercise, nutrition, school, family, leisure and spirituality.  While many of us feel pulled in several different directions at any given moment it may seem impossible to achieve this balance.  Well, it is not only possible, it is also closer than you may think.  We are all different and unique and it would be an honor to provide gentle guidance in your personal journey through life's challenges.

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